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my name is Jessica Berg, I am 29 years old and I love drawing! I live near Duesseldorf in Germany with my family and I have cotton candy colored hair. I draw since I can hold a pen, but I had some very big breaks during the years because of some personal issues.

I started again as my son was a few months old. This was at the beginning of 2018. Now I am trying to draw as much as I can to improve my skills and free my creativity.
I think my favourite things to draw are Nintendo related and other Fanarts. But I am trying to find my own style, too.
My favourite art supplies are Copic-Markers and sometimes colored pencil or watercolor. I used to draw digitally a few years ago, but I totally enjoy traditional media at the moment and I am totally out of practice with my pen-tablet. Everything I do is self-taught with practice and time.
In my freetime I enjoy having time with my family and playing videogames. I like cats (dogs, too) and I have some succulents on the balcony. Besides I collect Yoshi stuff.

btw: most people call me „tabbi“ ^^

If you are interested in a commission please feel free to send me a message on social media or send me an e-mail to info[at]
I don’t have a pricing list yet, because pricing depends on your wishes and I am still in the beginning of offering commissions. I do also have some prints of already excisting drawings. I you would like to buy one send me a message.
And for any other questions: Don’t be shy, just ask 🙂

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